A simple exercise in good food.

So I made a nice spicy chicken dish the other night that was very Indian-inspired. Jalapeños, cilantro, onion, garlic, taco seasoning, curry and chicken. What I did to prepare this dish was to take a big pan and put a big a slosh of veggie oil, dumped the curry and taco seasoning in with it ( I didn’t use your typical spice jars; I used the little bags of spices that you usually see in bodegas or the”ethnic” section of the grocery store), and then put all the chopped ingredients in, and added water so that everything is almost covered with liquid. Put the stove as low as possible and cook until half the liquid is gone and the chicken is mostly cooked. I used the same dough as I had made for the mini pies, which is amazing because you really can use this dough for just about anything, which is awesome. Once the dough is made and rolled flat, I put spoonfuls of the almost ready chicken dish into the dough, folded it over like the pies and baked what I call “American samosas” in the oven at 400 degrees ( because of the altitude, so I suggest baking these at 350 if you’re not in a high altitude area) and just kept my eye on it until the edges of the dough are nice and browned, which in turn finishes cooking the chicken, making for a delicious snack or meal! These yummy pockets of goodness are also super easy to store and are great for making huge amounts to freeze. I would have put up pictures of the final product, but we ate them all… Which I suppose is a good sign.

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